Friday, March 02, 2007

Forget Your Password - Seriously

Yarn Diet Yarn Smy-It, if you want to break the habit of impulsively compulsively buying yarn - forget your password. I was cruising the Loopy Ewe at work yesterday during lunch and found some gorgeous must have Cherry Tree Hill and Interlacements. I popped them in my online shopping cart along with a resupply of Regia - to bring the total over $50 to get FREE Shipping. I go to checkout and could not remember my password. I didn't want to go through the rigamorole of having it e-mailed to my personal account, logging in to web mail and so on and so forth - so I logged out. When I get home where I keep my password notebook under the wips and yarn, I login and go looking for the yarns I orphaned at work. Well something weird happened. When I brought up the first skein I thought it looked familiar - not from my earlier shopping, but from real life. So I go over to my stash, and yep, I have Feerless Fibers and Lorna's Laces in the same exact colorways. I remove the Cherry Tree Hill Blueberry from my cart. Next I bring up the other orphaned skein and think - what the heck was I going to knit with those colors? I remove it from my cart. Finally I click on the Interlacements, and how could I not have noticed, it is practically the same colors as the Cherry Tree Hill. REMOVE. That leaves the Regia that was only there to get free shipping. No longer needed. Instead of ordering more than $50 worth of (more-of-the-same) yarn I ended up sighing heavily, thinking it's good I didn't remember my password, and logging off. But seriously, how often does this happen? I usually have a REALLY good memory for passwords. However, the planets are out of alignment, the moon is fullish, and there was a really big earthquake last night, so it all kind of makes sense that I had a senior moment. Fate accompli.

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Jeanne said...

Well that worked out. I hate it when I order stuff only to discover something similar already aging in my stash.