Monday, March 19, 2007

Got Gauge!

FINALLY. After three swatches, I finally got gauge for my Kenobi Jacket from Knitscene. I substituted Karabella Aurora 8 for the angora or alpaca the pattern called for. I don't like working with the fuzzy stuff. I love love love working with Karabella. It would have been a much simpler substitution if I could have used my Aurora Bulky, but the color I have in stash is all wrong for this sweater. Wait until you see the pictures. The stitch definition is fabulous. The color is Aubergine which really looks rich in moss stitch and reverse stockinette.

Aw, the pleasures of knitting a row with more than 30 stitches in it. I stayed up way too late last night, wanting to do just one more row as the pattern started developing. I probably won't be blogging much this week. I want to get the back of the sweater done and at least up to the armholes on my vest. I cannot neglect my socks either, I had to rip some of the Bavarian Twisted sock because I did not change direction when reading an even row on the chart. I love that tweed yarn and I still wish they had it in a color that would have been good for my Bookworm vest. But it was not to be, Sigh :(

Thank goodness Wooly Swapper sent me those great stitch markers, I need them for the size 11 needles my Kenobi Jacket is on. She foresaw my need, what great gifting eh?! I tried to use the size 11 Namaste needles my Secret Pal 9 spoiler gave me, but the wood texture did not agree with the yarn. I also find it very difficult and awkward to use straight needles, I have been on circulars since I first started knitting. I have some really nice glass, bamboo and rosewood straight needles, but they are pretty much just an artistic display - I never knit with them.

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