Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not So Silky

I have completed the border and leg of the Lace Anklet from Lace Style. I am using the recommended yarn, Regia Silk and I just have to say I am very disappointed in this Mocca yarn. It is fuzzing up terribly. If it fuzzes this badly when knitting it up, I don't anticipate it being a well wearing sock. I used the White and Loden Regia Silk in other projects and there was no fuzziness at all, so I guess the dye has something to do with it.

Luxury, aw thy name is Aurora. My Kenobi Jacket in Aurora 8 is so nice and soft. The stitch definition is amazing. Pictures of my progress this weekend.

My Bookworm Vest is coming along nicely and the pattern is starting to really develop. It is very difficult to photograph though. Black tweed, nope, you'll just have to imagine it. I do wish I had been able to find a better substitution yarn too. This Darn Sisik yarn is super soft. From the photo of the Bookworm Vest in Folk Vests the fabric looks much sturdier. I am not having much luck finding 1 1/4 inch buttons either. Back to E-Bay and Etsy this weekend!
I purchased the rest of the Dresden Files series written by Jim Butcher. I also completed my set of Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan books. Okay, I broke the rule of shopping my bookshelves. But at least I did sell $36.44 cents worth of books on last month. AND, I will read these gently and list them too.

That Stash thing - not doing so good either. I discovered a new Etsy store Mystical Creations - while looking for buttons - and I ordered a bunch of their yarn. But look at it, the stuff is gorgeous.
Purple Dream
Midnight Celestial
And you know I cannot go to Etsy without getting a little Fearless Fibers.


Tiger Eye

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