Thursday, March 15, 2007

Keep The Change!!

This time change sucks. I have been falling asleep on my book, my tv shows and my knitting. I should be finished with my two remaining KP Memories socks, I am doing TOE decreases for goodness sakes. But I cannot stay awake. Granted I do have to rise and blind at 4:50 a.m. to be at work by 7:00 a.m. every day, but geez this sleep thing is getting ridiculous. It's cutting into my entertainment time. I did finish Death du Jour though, and I really enjoy Kathy Riechs writing. I am undecided on whether or not I want to purchase the volumes of her series that I do not own. I purchased five of her books, I think there are about four others to the series. Jim Butcher is a fast read so far and I like the novel better than the SciFi Channel series. The author is very good with turning a phrase, I have had a couple of laughs out loud already. I also prefer the characterizations in the book to the casting in the TV show.

I am compelled to Kitchner toes tonight. I have cast on my Monsoon socks and completed the first 4 rows of each. I am anxious to get back to those and my Bavarian Twist Socks. I am really enjoying those, once you get going on the BTS chart you really get into a zone.

I sent my Lime and Violet MB Swap PrOn Pal her other package. Some beautiful Fearless Fibers Saltwater Taffy sock yarn, in a really nice satin bag with a rose etched on it. Pearl McPhee's Knit's End Book and some goodies from the Loopy Ewe. I am creating a pattern just for her, a sock with a Dolphin on the cuff. Can't wait to try the pattern out. But again, that requires being conscious. Maybe this weekend I can glue my eyes open or something. Secret - the satin bag is a wine bottle gift bag with a corded closure - very nice, from The World Market. My friend PR and I used to hit the outlet malls in Vacaville and over half of the craft stuff we bought were items we planned to use "not for it's intended purpose". I love creating my own uses. Wine bags are perfect for hanks of Sock That Rock or Fearless Fibers. They are larger than most skeins of sock yarn, but totally squishy. I like that the wine bag was a satin fabric, it was a mint green that is included in the colorway I was sending (pic of my skein in previous post) and she is very lady like - so the rose was the perfect motif. BevMo has nice wine bags too. Just a thought :)

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