Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Drug Mule Came

The Drug Mule Came Today.
He made a delivery in his unmarked white truck undercovered in his blue USPS outfit. He slipped the package under the Welcome mat where it could not be seen from the street. He was back in his truck and gone before anyone could get his license number or get a good look at his face.

Some prefer wacky tabacky, alcohol, pharmaceuticals - over-the-counter or on the corner drugs.
Not me! I crave a monthly dose of pure ROCK.
Just cruise down Highway 30

to County Clare and you will know why.


Any Questions??


Hi My Name is Bev and I am a Socks That Rock Addict, and I am not ashamed to admit I inhale!!!

The Pushers (but you didn't hear it from me, I'm no snitch)


Blue Moon Fiber Arts


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

NICE!! Ihave GOT To get the courage to try socks!! I already have some BEAUTIFUL sock yarn...just SCARED to use it lol

Bev Love said...

You can knit and you can purl which means you can make socks. The basic sock pattern is very simple. After my second pair (4 socks) I no longer needed to use the pattern. I use both the magic loop (one 40" circular needle) method, or the two 24" circulars method, and I can whip up a pair in a few days. I am on my 14th pair. They can go anywhere with you because they are so small. Convinced yet? :D

Cheryl said...

that is some gorgeous sock yarn! I love making socks, but have not tried str yet! I was a little scared of making socks too adrienne, but bev is absolutely right! I was afraid the dpn's would fall out or something! But they don't and it's easier than it looks! Go for it, you can do it!