Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Post or Knit? Knit - duh

I have over a dozen pictures to upload. But right now I would rather knit. I spend too much time trying to line things up and make my blog pages look the way I want them to. I think I will stop blogging for a few days and just knit. I knit almost a whole sock yesterday and added two repeats each to my Floral Lace Sock and Bavarian Twist Sock. No way would I have gotten that far if the computer had been on. I thought I was the only person reading this blog until I started getting comments, so this message is more for my knit siblings than for me. Just picture me in a comfy chair, with my dog sitting on my feet, needles clicking away for the next few days. Then get ready for lots of pictures.

I still have not received my Feb. Socks That Rock Kit, I am going to pop over to the website and see what is going on. I am sure I will want to cast on the socks as soon as the swift and ball winder stop spinning.

MT turned me on to a really interesting book. The Glass Castle The intro starts with the author looking out of a cab window, spotting her Mother rummaging through a dumpster. That got my imagination going. Can you imagine that you pass a homeless person, rummaging and going about their business, and realize at a closer look that it is one of your parents?? Pretty deep. The book is a memoir so the chapters are short like journal/diary/blog entries. I cannot wait to get the whole story on this family.

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