Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stripping for 10 1/2 Inches

I seem to have stalled on my colorwork mittens and my spinning.  This guy needs a thumb.

I did however do lots of stripping and started on the 10 1/2 blocks for the Kite Flight Quilt kit I purchased from Craftsy.  I also completed 4 more Block of the Month 2012 class blocks.

The bottom two blocks were done using English paper piecing. I used the Neimeyer technique I found on You Tube. It worked wonderfully. I don't think more intricate pieced patterns would be much fun, but large ones like these were a breeze.
Last but not least. I finally started my Three Billy Goats Gruff cross stitch from the Prairie School.

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LGrubb said...

Just FYI, I am working on the same quilt (that's how I came across you via google for the kite flight quilt) and have found a mistake in the directions. It has to do with the khaki/ grey strip. It can only be cut from one corner, not both like the instructions say. Hopefully they will amend the instructions before you get to that part!