Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Happy New Year

I for one am very glad that the year 2013 is done and gone.  It was like a year long Friday the 13th for the majority of the year.  I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2014.  I am learning to sew, which has definitely been a challenge.  I have taken two free Craftsy classes and completed all of the projects.  The small success I had with those projects has encouraged me to try a quilt.  I am going to start with the free Block of the Month class and then try a traditional quilt class when I complete that project.

I am starting the year out with three KALS.  
***  Amy Herzog Sweater Pattern for the first SSK 2014 KAL and the Knits N Things Podcast KAL.
***  Colorwork Mittens for the Knitting Blooms KAL

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Sheila said...

Happy New Year !!!