Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Completely Unexpected

I oiled Miss Kitty and practiced treadling. I thought, hmm, while I am treadling I could be drafting the fiber I plan to spin first. I ended up spinning half of the 4 oz bump of A Day at The Fair. The yarn on the second bobbin is definitely better than the yarn on the first bobbin. I am really pleased with the yarn I spun on my first try. I am going to spend at least an hour drafting tonight. The lesson I learned quickest is well drafted fiber spins the best. My first yarn on the spindle came out better than the yarn I spun on the wheel. The spindle is easier for me to control right now. I think I will finish the Gale's Art Gum Ball roving on the spindle.

I finished my Cherry Tree Hill and Interlacement Tiny Toes Clapotis last night. I ran out of yarn and had to go stash diving. I had 5 skeins of Interlacements in other colorways. The colorway #209 was the closest, so I finished the last part of section 4 and section 5 with that. I weaved in all the ends and took a few pictures.

The Vogue Knitting wrap came off the blocking boards and I weaved in all the ends. I joined the two rectangles and I am wearing it today. It came out fabulous - thanks Gail (Gail Knits, Las Vegas, NV) for recommending this pattern. Instead of picking up one of my socks, as planned, I picked up the Wendy Knits Faro Easy shawl and knit through row 25. I love the yarn I am knitting with so much I want to finish the shawl RIGHT NOW.

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