Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ooooh Shiny

I really need one of those "ooh Shiny" buttons from Kiping It Real. Anywho, I bought myself (another) birthday present. You know my motto, shop early and shop often for my birthday presents. I ordered a Woolee Winder with extra bobbin (just 1 for now). I put the high speed whorl on Miss Kitty last night and she flys. I spun some serious fingering weight singles. The ONLY problem is every time I stop to move the yarn to another hook. I either loose control of the twist or started going counter clockwise when I start to treadle again. Everything goes smoothly until I have to stop for hook changes, so I ordered a Woolee Winder . Taking the hooks out of the equation. But geez 8 weeks estimated delivery 8~[ I may not have it in time to train for the Tour de Fleece (TDF). I am on the Rookie and The Knit Girllls teams. My goal is the gorgeous Dyak Craft batt and the Sanguine Gryphon roving. They are each 4 ozs. I also took full advantage of the discount being offered by The Painted Tiger - 15% off for TDF team members. Lets call that a birthday present too! 8-)

The favors for Mom's 75th birthday came and they are fabulous. I am so happy I got them. I ordered 48 of the assorted ice cream cones and 24 of the assorted cupcakes. I am so glad they are towels, so leftovers can actually be used for something. I cannot tell you how many stale party favors I have around the house from showers, weddings and b-day parties!!! They are from Beau Coup Party Favors

In previewing that first paragraph, I realized that I have learned another new language. I now speak spinning. It is so funny, when I first got into knitting all of my posts were written in knitese, now I am writing in spinese. I am also now Tricraftual. I need to make a button for my sidebar. Maybe there is already one out there in the blogosphere I can grab.

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