Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still Spinning and Finishing

I finished spinning Monet and I am half through spinning Crush. Crush is so bright and pretty, like sherbet cotton candy. This is what I have left to draft and spin.

MAIL CALL!! I got a big box of luscious Tops from The Painted Tiger; 5 are Corriedale and the last one on the bottom row is Superwash Merino. I was wondering if I was crazy to order 8 oz tops, but considering how fast the Monet and Crush spun up using the high speed whorl - I don't think 8 ozs of fiber is too much to work on at a time. The drafting is the only thing really, will I get tired of drafting the same colors and fibers through 8 ozs.? We'll see, cause it's mine now 8~} [Details on Flickr and in Ravelry.] I am still getting kind of low yardage because my spinning is still a little bulky, I want to make sure I have a enough yarn to knit a project with. I thought - for now - spinning 8 ozs at a time should give me enough yarn to do something with. My bobbins are getting full, I need to get the finished yarn skeined up.
Next on the wheel will probably be Espresso from Lavendarsheep. I want to get away from the blue greens for a moment - I know, shocking.

A few more shots of my Wendyknits Faro Easy Shawl - still unblocked. This is the 6th shawl I have knit in 2010 which means I am right on track for the 10 Shawls In 2010 KAL. ETA: Correction - this is my 7th shawl in 2010, I had forgotten to add the Travelling Woman shawl to my 10shawls2010 Ravelry page. I am going to get back to the Mystic Desire this week. As usual, I am glad I waited until the Kal was over. The errata has all been incorporated into the final version of the charts and I have seen enough finished projects to know exactly what I am aiming for. I want to make the larger version instead of the small version as I originally planned to do. I will work on that tonight after I draft.

Heavy sigh, I wish I had more time!!!! I really really like the last two Rockin Sock Club patterns, but I don't have time to knit them. I still need to wind the yarn for the Norwegian Rose Sock KAL 8-/

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