Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Fiber More Yarn & a Birthday

I received many birthday wishes and cards, this is from the front of my favorite card this year.

New project and notion bags from Jen and Wendy of piddleloop which came with birthday goodies.

I got some more fiber in the mail, 7 8oz tops from Crown Mountain Farms, 3 braids from Gale's Art, 8 Corriedale and 1 Merino top from Paradise Fibers, and 1 lb of White Merino Top from Palace Yarn. Gale very generously sent some silk samples along with my order. So pretty. I finished spinning another 4ozs, Espresso from Lavendarsheep.
I drafted a small bit of the Peacock Merino Silk top from Gale's Art, which is next to go on the wheel. I have 12 ozs. Hoping for really good plied yardage.
A Day At The Fair all skeined up.
A skein of Monet.
This is Crush all spun up, the skein is hanging up to dry.

I had some real issues with the Mystic Desire, Chart B Fri. and Sat. The right side stitch count is wrong every row. I have had to tink back on every row from 69 to 79, I am pretty fed up with it. My nupps however have come out perfect. The Signature Stilettos make the nupps and k3togs much easier. I am giving it two more rows, if the problem persists I am frogging it and moving on. I have too many projects in my queue I want to work on. I cannot spend all this time unknitting and reknitting the same stitches over and over. I hope Signature Needle Arts offers circulars in more sizes soon, I absolutely love them. I wish I had them in sock sizes US 0-3.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

cici said...

what fabulous gifts. Happy Birthday♥♥ You are really getting into this spinning. This yarn is gorgeous. I am just waiting till you put out your etsy sign, I would love to be your first customer♥