Friday, June 11, 2010

My First Yarn

A Day at the Fair - ready to be put on the niddy noddy.
A Day At The Fair
Gum Ball. I am so proud of this stuff, I think it's beautious!! I ordered a second roving in this colorway because I only got 116 yards. I want to be able to at least make a pair of socks or mitts. Maybe a cowl or keyhole scarf if I get around 300 yards total.
Gumball Yarn
Gumball Yarn
I am going to finish spinning this Monet first though. Isn't it pretty? The braid looked mostly white, but when I drafted it the fiber became blues and greens, lilac and whites just like impressionist paintings by the master. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

You are one talented lady!

nickelo said...

WOW that is amazing I just love the colors in it you have talent. I can't wait to see what you make oout of it.

cici said...

you are off and running. Sounds like you and Miss Kitty have bonded♥ This yarn is gorgeous!