Thursday, May 06, 2010

Time Turner

Just not enough time in a day!!!! I swear, what was I thinking???? I am a little peeved with myself for starting two pairs of uber complicated socks when the Mystic Desire Shawl KAL was starting. Okay, I am over 50 and the B-12 is not working as well as one would hope. I FORGOT about the KAL starting yesterday. I cast on last night and I already know it will require ALL of my knitting time if I am to keep up with the clues. There are a mere 95 rows in clue one, and that does not include the 8 set-up rows and provisional cast on. I have a Harry Potter Time Turner, but it does not seem to work with knitting time. I must have the muggle version of the device - after all the Barnes and Noble I bought it in was not located in Diagon Alley. I digress...

I cast on the Mystic Desire in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci in the colorway Haida. It is the Raven collection Black overdyed in Blues. Lovely!! I started with Knit Pick Harmony needles, and struggled through the first 10 rows before bedtime. I changed to the Zephyr tips just before putting it away - because it is abundantly clear that the Harmony tips cannot handle the M2 stitches (k2tog, ktbl). I was reaching to turn off the lamp on the craft table when the needles in one of the Ravelry glasses caught my eye. It turns out my Signature Needles are 3.75 mm and they have stiletto tips [yeah, I had forgotten which size I bought, but I think we just covered that issue]. So I am going to use the Signature Needles and knit the small version of the shawl. Hopefully the whole piece will fit on the needle, without me having to go back to the circulars. We shall see.

I usually always knit the largest version of a shawl, but this one has nupps and all those darned tbl which are not my favorite things; a small shawl will have to do.

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cici said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am on my 5th day off and only have 2 more days to go. Who is stealing the time??? I was thinking when I looked at the sock patterns that it was a huge task to take on. But I knew if anybody could do it you could♥ I just got 2 new pair of signatures this past weekend. I absolutely LUV them♥