Monday, May 03, 2010

I Hate Toe Up

As much as I love my iPad is as much as I hate toe up socks. I cast on two pair of toe up socks yesterday. The Phoebus Apollo and the Theseus & The Minotaur socks. I abhor the toe up process. These are about the two most gorgeous pairs of socks I have ever seen so I have to force myself to knit them. I am knitting them both 2-at-a time. I only plan to go through the ordeal once. I used the Turkish cast on, which is faster than the figure 8 and there are no twisted stitches on one side.

The yarn is the only truly bright spot in the process right now, Bugga is as advertised - fantastic. The Wollmeise is - well - Wollmeise. Unbelievable colors in this Campari Orange skein. I have taken pictures and will post them eventually. Between knitting and the new toy - not much updating getting done here or on Ravelry.

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cici said...

two at a time.,,you go girl. I have to say I love toe-up. I bet your gonna also say you use dpns. I love magic loop for socks. One day I am going to do two different socks magic loop. I agree those are both gorgeous socks Phoebus and Theseus♥