Sunday, May 16, 2010


I had a wonderful time at the SF Ravelry Meetup. Other attendees started getting on the BART train a few stops after me, Walnut Creek or thereabouts. We were in the center of the train car, mostly knitting socks. But I was working on my Clapotis, which I put away because there were too many interesting shawls being discussed, and we had a batch of door prizes with us that were pretty exciting.

The turn out was impressive. We were greeted with name tags, 2010 Meetup pins and samples of Soak. We each received a raffle ticket. The door prizes were stunning and plentiful. There was a potluck and there was a variety of edibles on the mezzanine. There were demonstrations and massages - you heard me right massages. There was a knitting machine demo/learning station. The CompassionKnit drop off and information table. The hand and arm massage station. A needle felting demonstration/learning station. There was a table with free knitting magazines, and one with meetup group info and yarn store coupons. The door prizes were on display on three long tables. In the center of the room were the spinning wheel and drop spindle demonstrations/learning spots. Then there were chairs in meandering circles with knitters of all variety. I have to give a nod to the guys though, their group were sporting some gorgeous shawls, scarves and sweaters - you go boys.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I spotted a childhood friend who I have not seen for 40 years. Her family moved away when I was 10 - OMG she's a knitter, and she's on RAVELRY. Another amazing Ravelry story eh?!?

And the thrills and chills did not end there, I was sitting there waiting for the line to die down at the wall where the door prize lists were. They did it really neat - they posted lists of prizes with the winning raffle ticket stapled to the prize won. AND I WON THIS

The Prize Donated by Uncommon Threads the softest red leather Namaste Satchel and 10 balls of Plymouth Brushed Alpaca yarn. WOW, I never win anything. I am so excited.


sagesaundra said...

...and it was wonderful to see you too. I love your blog and I can see we STILL have a lot in common. I am an Audible junkie too. We have got to get together soon. I don't know if I recall you knitting when we were kids. I learned to crochet in my teens but hadn't picked up my sticks until last year. Now I knit with and for my grandchildren.

See you soon!

PenCraft said...

love the hats and neck warmers you knitted! And congrats on winning such a lovely prize!!!

I am so loving Clapotis, I started one to take on our vacation as my "travel knitting." Thanks for getting me started in my Clap phase.

cici said...

I am so glad it turned out so well, of course I knew it would. Sounds like the best meetup ever. And lucky you to have won this gorgeous bag♥