Monday, April 13, 2009

Wip Update

My third Sipalu bag in the Cool Palette, featuring the greens. I like this one a lot so far. I finished the first welt and a couple of rows. I am carrying my yarns consistently and I can see the difference in the pattern definition. I am so glad I learned that important technique before starting my sweater.

I finished the first sock in the Hot Socks Jeweltone colorway. The photo does not show the colors very well. The red is actually a ruby red, the greens are emerald and jade greens, the blue is sapphire blue. I immediately cast on the second sock. I was watching the Masters and there is nothing better than sock knitting while watching golf.

This is the infamous Glenesk Swatch. I am so pleased I got gauge. I cast on the sweater yesterday and knit the first 6 rounds of the hem. It takes about 30 minutes to knit each round at 351 stitches per round. I love the colors. The yarn is a little hard on my hands, but I have lots of oil-free lotion to use during and after knitting.

The Aguona Laptop bag in the blue colorway is coming along nicely. The back makes me a little dizzy but I truly love the front. It is a bit large for my new laptop though. I may end up using it as a tote bag instead of a laptop bag. It is very sturdy, and I think it would be perfect as my cruise bag.

More shots of the above in Flickr, just click the link in the sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

The glenesk swatch is gorgeous!