Tuesday, April 07, 2009

WIP Illusion

Do you ever go into your WIPs and pull out a project and wonder where it has gone? I could have sworn the last time I worked on the The Candle Flame Scarf, I squeezed the ball of Wollmeise and it was hollow and very squishy. I pulled it out the other day and it feels like MORE THAN HALF of the skein is left. I worked on the Aguona Bag last night, when I first pulled it out I thought I had about 20 more rounds to knit on the body - NOPE, I have 30 rounds to go. What happened? WIP Illusions is what I must chalk this up to. When you are anxious for a WIP to become a FO you mis-remember where you are on the project(s). I started the gauge swatch for Glenesk with the thought in mind that I could finish those two projects off quickly - NOT SO. They will have to join those unfinished shawls on the sidebar. This Glenesk is too enticing. The yarns are gorgeous and they look much different knit up together than they do in the balls. The swatch is taking longer than I thought it would because you break off the yarn at the end of each row and start new yarn at the beginning of each row - tedious. I wish I was knitting the sweater already, but I won't give in. I also spend and inordinate amount of time admiring the little swatch. The sweater is going to be beautiful.

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cici said...

I have had that happen.. Most of the time, I forget everything about the project. Have you seen these yet, Sanquhar gloves? I can't make them, but I know that you could :) http://www.tata-tatao.to/knit/sanquhar/e-howtoknit.html