Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mystery Solved

I am flabbergasted. I have had a little mystery going on that has finally been solved. I received Alice Starmore's book Road Movies about a week ago. I was confused, I had ordered and received Jade Starmore's book A Collector's Item . No other books were in my checkout basket. I posted to the Ravelry group to see if possibly this was a know phenomenon. I knew I did not win the Website drawing, and the book was not one of the prizes. Today I got an e-mail from the one and only Mairi Macleod. Alice sent me the book because on page 247 she has an entry about driving Eastbound out of Antioch. This is truly a small world. Alice Starmore saw my kits ready to be shipped to Antioch and sent me her book so I could read about her experience when she was here. I am speechless. What a thoughtful and cool thing to do!! Yep I am totally fan-girling!!!! Alice ROCKS!!!

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