Monday, April 20, 2009

Bag 3 Front and Center

I completed the front panel, side welt and first 5 rows of Sipalu Bag 3 - cool green palette. I was so focused on finishing the front panel that I ignored the rest of my knitting this weekend. I think this is my favorite one of the three. I have marked bag 2 as finished, I used my little tool for the iCord and all I need to do is block and line that one. I need to rip out the iCord on the first bag so I can make machine iCord and mark it done also.

Sorry, Sheila, I can't make a video how to on using the machine. I can tell you that the first time I used it the first foot of my cord was useless because I did not have control of the weight. Once I clipped that on and let it hang, it was smooth going. Also, the first two turns should be complete before dropping the weight. I know that is not what the instructions say, but it works for me.
1. feed your yarn through until it comes out of the bottom
2. attach the weight to the yarn coming out of the bottom, I leave the weight on the desk at this point
3. slowly turn the handle until the yarn is caught under all four hooks. Here is where I veered from the given instructions
4. make two turns until you see the yarn actually twisting and knitting on the four hooks
5. let the weight drop and keep turning
The cord looks really thin at this point but as soon as you remove the weight it puffs right out and looks like a normal 3 stitch iCord.
6. make sure you move the weight up the finished cord about every 6 inches.
7. when you have the length you want and you cut the yarn don't pull it through like the instructions say, let it drop through. It is much easier to thread the yarn through the four end stitches if you have not pulled on the cord.

Hope that helps.

I am not sure when I will be posting pictures, again - less computer time equals more finished knitting projects.

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Sheila said...

Thank you and look forward to your bag.