Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Star Struck

I grew up in San Francisco and some pretty spectacular people live, work or pass through here. I met someone from our Chicago Office today and she mentioned a local politician, and I said oh yeah I went to high school with his daughter. Then we moved on to cold weather and she mentioned Prince, and I said my Minnesota cousins know him - they grew up in the same neighborhood.
Have you ever stopped to think how many people you have met in your life before, during or after they became famous? Again, being from San Francisco this happened to me a lot. I met Michael Douglas and Karl Malden during the filming of The Streets of SF in the school located across the street from my house. I met Clint Eastwood at a charity golf tournament. Robin Williams' oldest son (from his first marriage) went to school with a family friend, she was in Mrs. Doubtfire. Danny Glover's nephew went to Junior High and High School with me.

My Mom was a Legislative Advocate and worked with a lot of politicians in Sacramento. I went to school with their children. My high school, Washington, honored past attendees/graduates which included Lee Merriweather and Maya Angelou. They walked around the school before the ceremony, chatting with the students. SF has always been a popular TV and Film location, and musicians have always hob nobbed with the locals. Sports figures feel comfortable shopping and eating out. So my path has crossed many a famous foot print.

I decided - for posterity that I will list all of the famous and infamous people that have gone through my life, because it's pretty awesome to think about now. I know there are some I have forgotten . . .

Joseph Alioto
George Moscone
Willie Brown
Leo McCarthy
Leo Ryan
Andrew Young
Diane Feinstein
Clint Eastwood
Danny Glover
Jennifer Tilly
Nicolas Cage
Marsha Warfield
Robin Williams
Sharon Stone
Michael Douglas
Karl Malden
Bernie Casey
Jocelyn Elders
Bob Love
Phil Smith
Frankie Avalon
Martin Yan
Randy Cross
Keena Turner
Jerry Rice
Jessie Sapolu
Mia Sara
Anne Archer
Anne Rice
Jayne Kennedy
Mario Van Peebles
Barry Bonds
Byron Williams
Rod Smith
Phillip Epps
Cliff Odom
Ramos McDonald
Gene Washington
Stacey Latishaw
Stephanie Mills
Jeffrey Osborne
Carlos Santana
Tito Puente
Celia Cruz
Bubba Merrill Knight
Run DMC & his possee
Jeff Lorber
Anita Baker
J.R.R. Tolkien
Lee Merriweather
Maya Angelou
Evander Hollyfield
Laurel Burch
Valerie Coleman
Doris Chan
Lily Chin
Carol Ventura
Beth Reinsel
Vicky Howell
Kim Werker
Cathleen Sams
Darla Fanton
Nancie Weisman
Nancy Nehring
Eartha Kitt
Cast Members of Ain't Misbehavin'
Several Members of the Alvin Ailey Dancers
Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas
Don Mitchell
Pernell Roberts
Dean Edell
Donna Druchunas

Who do I still wish to meet or get close to?
Ernie Hudson
Avery Brooks
Paula Deen
Susie Orman
Steve Young
Don Johnson
Bruce Willis
Galina Khmeleva
Cptn. Blake Painter
Vin Diesel
John Sandford
Goldie Hawn

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wow.. quite an impressive list.:D