Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad Blogger No Cookie (A)

I have been so bad this week, I have been in Ravelry all week. You know how in forums you see just 5 topics and the number of unread messages? Well I try to catch up on those each time I log in. This week I started clicking INDEX on some of my lace groups - and oh my needles. There are a bazillion discussions out there from my Life-Before-Lace knitting. I have added probably 20 patterns to my queue. Bought a dozen patterns. Faved a hundred patterns and projects. Added several new friends. Hmph, I thought the sock knitting addiction was bad, this is off the hook! But in a return to sanity - I Hope, I have received a special project from Europe. It is not lace and it is not sock related. I am not going to put it in my project queue. I am going to wait to see how it goes, because frankly I am scared to death. I keep trying new things and so far I am happy with my progress and success. However, I may bite the pooch on this one. We will see.

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