Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lace Blocking

Lace blocking is so much easier to do with blocking wires. I am blocking my Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl and my Adamas shawl this weekend. The JFF is a major pain in the patoosie because it is circular and does not fit my blocking surfaces. But OMG is it ever beautiful all spread out. The Adamas is a pleasure and a piece of cake because it can be folded in half and wires threaded through both of the straight edges. I only had to pin out the points. They could actually have been wired too. The Adamas is also pretty - however I was distressed about the amount of peacock dye that bled into the Eucalan soak water. I was afraid to wrap the wet piece in a light colored towel. I will take pictures some time soon. I will definitely knit both of these patterns again. I came across a link to another shawl designed by Izzy which I hope to cast on in September. The pattern is written, no charts, but it is well done. If I run into any problems as I go along, I may take the time to create charts.

I am now trying to finish the Dimple Shale Scarf and my Shi Bui Rapids socks. I have until Friday, 08/08/08 [I love that date!!] when the UFOlympics begin. I chose the Fog colored Feather and Fan and the Knit Picks Felici Clay colorway socks for the UFOlympics. If I manage to stay on track, that will be six finished objects. Cool. I should have my yarn for my Crochet by Numbers portrait by the time the Olympics end Aug. 24, 2008. I am an extremely fast crocheter so I think that project will go fast. I do need to get used to the way the pattern is written, but past that it should be a quick project. I still have many socks and lace in WIP to complete. I also want to be able to wear my Kenobi Jacket and Bookworm Vest this fall, so they are a top priority.

Danger Danger Danger - I killed two moths Friday. I have four days off coming up - I am going to check all of my yarn to make sure none of them have gotten into my stash collection. I did rinse a dead moth out of the Adamas shawl. Hopefully they were only involved with that cone of yarn and project - I left it out exposed every day because I was working on it every night.

I just got the greatest Loopy Ewe hooded sweatershirt and Handcrafted one of kind Atenti Harvest knitting bag. The Atenti bag is so heavy duty I am going to use if for my carryon for the Panama Canal and Sea Socks Cruises.

UGH!!! I have lost the password for the Heere Be Dragone shawl pattern and I cannot open the file. I cannot find my e-mail receipt, which I am sure said something like - keep this in a safe place because you will need it to use the pattern 8{ I may have to buy the pattern again - shoot.

You may have noticed that I am getting a lot of knitting projects done. I would have to say that the Carpal Tunnel Surgery was a SUCCESS. I no longer get any cramps or finger tip pain. Thanks Dr. Luo, you are on the scarf list for Christmas!!!

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