Monday, July 09, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Ravelry Servers are down and Blogger won't let me enter the Title field. What's up with this? I know Tranformers is out and all that, are the machines about to take over? As long as they don't touch my yarn stash it's all good. Actually my electric ball winder did kind of mess with my yarn stash. I had made nice little yarn bricks of my Sea Wool and Merino from Fleece Artist and the fingering weight hank of Dye-namics! when all hell broke loose. My near worsted weight 52 Pair Plunge colorway yarn from Dye-namics! got caught in the the ball winder because the hank had a twisted section. The yarn had to be cut a couple of times and the remainder balled by hand. It took forever. In comparison to the first 3 bricks which took about 10 seconds each, that is. It's all a matter of perspective I guess. At least I knew to use my hand winder for the other hank of worsted weight Dye-namics! There will be WIP pictures of these yarns up soon.

I am sure this has never happened to you, but I "lost" a skein of yarn. I finished the Denim Jean Regia Silk Monkey sock and was about to cast on the second sock, but I could not find the other skein of yarn. How could that happen? I had to go through my sock yarn stash. Oh My DOG!!! I poured out the laundry bag of sock yarn on the bed and saw several colorways of STR that I did not even know I had, and where did all that Interlacements and Lorna's Laces come from? Then I poured out the plastic comforter bag of sock yarn and, my goodness, hadn't I used any of the Fearless Fibers yet??? It was ovewhelming. So much so that I decided not to post any stash photos in Ravelry. I am going to just list the skeins and hanks in hopes of not ordering any more of the same colorways and weights. Oh boy. I actually had to go through both of the storage bags twice before I found the skein I needed. Somehow the first time through I thought it was Knit Picks instead of Regia. Anyway after spending at least an hour fondling my yarn and scratching my head I cast on the second Blue Monkey and the first 52PP socks. I dare say, I have to agree with my Sister at last, I don't need any more yarn.

I may have to stop listening to podcasts for awhile, too many enablers. Or, I should pour out my stash before hitting the play button - try to keep it all in perspective.


Virtuous said...

OMG!!! The amount of sock yarn you have is ridiculious but not surprising! HAHA!

I was also shocked you have an "electric" ball winder...but again not surprised LOL!!!

Dharmafey said...

You have to photo your stash! How else will I see!?

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!! I want to see your stash NOW!!! LOL

Bev Love said...

You can click the Flickr link in the sidebar if you want to see some stash. I have tagged the photos STASH if you want to narrow it down.