Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Casting On

I am going to cast on my Socktopia Harry Potter Themed Socks tonight. I am going to cast on all three patterns: Bellatrix, Fawkes and Nagini. I don't feel there were any surprises in The Deathly Hallows, but it did not answer all of my ponderings either. I will listen to it again in a few days. Right now I need a break from Jim Dale's voices. 17 CDs straight through on Saturday/Sunday. . . Too many Death Eaters, which I don't feel he does particularly well.

I am also going to cast on my Jigsaw Socks, Dharmafey says they knit up pretty quickly.

KALS Queue:
Sock of The Month 4 KAL: Bellatrix for August
HP Sock Swap Two: Ravenclaw Colorway Socks
Six Sox Knit Along: Pattern to be distributed Aug. 1
Lace Style: finish sock two, Floral Lace Anklet (I don't enjoy this pattern at all)
Harry Potter KAL 7: Fawkes, Nagini & Bellatrix throughout August
Jigsaw Sock Along: Jigsaw socks of course
The Loopy Groupie Q3 Challenge: all of the above :D

On The Needles:
The second Blue Monkey, I have completed four of the six repeats on the leg. I will probably turn the heel tonight.
The forgotten Trekking XXLs, about another 2 inches before I turn the heel on the first one. The Dye-anamics! yarn came and knocked this poor little sock to the back of the line. It's back in my purse and will be getting some attention.

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Sheila said...

WoW.. you are one busy lady... I in Ravlery... Ennovyy88