Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sundara - Long Time Coming

Black Over Violet

I still have not been able to get any of the unique colorways I have tried to order from Sundara Yarns. So, I settled for some of the semi solid repeatable colors. This yarn has such a nice feel and the color is so deep.


Shipping is slow and I probably won't go through that process again. I will have to choose just the right projects for this yarn.

Cobalt and Mediterranean Blue


Adrienne said...

It's beautiful! I have never ordered from them.

Virtuous said...

Yeah I have been hearing her yarn is all the rave, but noticed that 1. it is expensive as all get out!
2. once you pay a mini fortune it takes forever to get to you!

But glad you got it!! :oD

Have you tried Scout yarn yet??
VERY nice colorways! I think I will try her before Sundara