Friday, July 06, 2007

I am on Time Out

I am sitting in the corner on time out for telling a big LIE. I tried to stick to my Ravelry at work only rule, in hopes of exerting some control over the situation but NOOOOO. I have been on Ravelry every night at home, bad bad bad. I have been reading forums, posting projects, figuring things out. I started entering my stash, I got the 36 yarns around my chair entered :) I am down to the toe of the second Mock Croc Sock, but I did not turn the heel on my blue Monkey. Geez, it's like Shopping - this Ravelry thing. Oh, and speaking of shopping (now that my order has been shipped) there are some new colorways on Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock That Rock pages and the Firebird colorway is available to members for purchase. I ordered all of the colorways of the new Knit Picks sock yarn Felici. So yeah, a little stash enhancement has also occurred, another hour in the corner!!!!

I did manage to meet my goal for the Lime and Violet sock yarn marathon - 5 plus miles of sock yarn have been used. Granted I have purchased probably twice that much since the marathon began. The marathon ends July 15th and I believe I will finish 2 more pairs of socks before then. So gold star for Bevie.


Virtuous said...

Somebody has been a bad girl! :op

Adrienne said...

Tee hee, I'm STILL waiting on my invite!!!

KimT said...

i keep hearing so much about ravelry. I cannot wait to get my invite!