Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nagini Has Slithered In

Socktopia/Monkey Toes now has three Harry Potter themed patterns posted. Bellatrix, Fawkes and Nagini. I think I will knit Nagini in the STR Monsoon colorway. Hopefully the colors will look like scales. Bellatrix has been sorted into the Ravenclaw Stripe and Fawkes shall be reborn from the ashes as Firebird. Those are my goal for the Harry Potter 7 KAL. For the Jigsaw KAL I will use, uhm, Jigsaw Heirloom. They will all go towards my 52 Pair Plunge total. Yay!!!

I finally got some Sundara Sock Yarn, thanks to the recommendation of Brooklyn Tweed eons ago. There was never anything left by the time I e-mailed her. So I ended up just getting some semi-solids, which I still had to wait for because she was so busy with the yarn club and on vacation. Totally worth the wait!! The depth of color and the feel of the yarn is running neck and neck with with Socks That Rock. Seriously. There are lots of patterns in my queue, but at least one skein will become Horcrux and another a pair of Uzumes. It's a toss up for the last skein, that Blue - OMG, gorgeous.

Gotta go get my knit on!!!


Adrienne said...

Bev I think its time for me to knit socks!!! I have no more excuses!! LOL

Virtuous said...

3/4 of your post was in GREEK for me! LOL If only I was an HP fan! :op

I have been wanting to try some Sundara's sock yarn too but like you said it is never available! LOL

Hey how do I get some STR yarn if I am not a member??

E-mail me back at crimsondiva1999@yahoo.com

Thanks! :o)

KimT said...

wow, i wanna be like you! I am still trying to get throuh my first heal turning!

knititch said...

what a lot of socks. lovely. and reading is nice too. my bookstore has a sign outside the shop saying: the books are your friends even though they turn their back at you.
thanks for your friendly comments on my knitting.