Monday, January 01, 2007


I have all of my files for 2006 summarized and ready to do my taxes. All I need is my W-2. It took me over 6 hours yesterday to update categories and designate taxable and non-taxable expenses. I need to send my last invoice out to my client CTC for 2006 with their 2007 contract. I received a card from my friend TM. She moved to Colorado. What's up with the moving? Three of my friends made major moves. ABH from London to Arizona, PR from Las Vegas to Florida and now TM from Texas to Colorado. Major changes for folks last year. I paid my 2nd installment of my property taxes and registration for the car for 2006-2007. UGLY. But I kindly rewarded myself with See's Candies, Nuts and Chews of course!!! I still have some Godiva and Assorted chocolates to regift. The SNB Calendar return worked out superbly - calendars are now half priced so I got a Sudoku A Day calendar and a papaerback book for the returned item. Good deal eh?! I am saving my Cadbury Carmel (the real deal not the nasty Hershey's Carmello version) stash for later.

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