Friday, January 19, 2007

Lace Swift and Swatch Weekend

I will be finishing my Redwood and Yukon Memories socks tonight, that's .50 miles for the Lime and Violet 2007 Sock Yarn Marathon. This weekend is going to be a lace weekend. I have two Sticks and Strings Podcasts to listen to while I knit, and a new audiobook as well. I ordered some Zephyr lace weight yarn in indigo, which I am anxious to try. There is a toss up whether I will knit the Shawl in the Pam Allen Scarfs book or the Adamas Shawl in Zephyr. If I can talk myself into it, I will rip the sleeves off of my Make Tracks Cardigan and re-knit them with half the increases the pattern called for.

I will be swifting sock yarns and swatching merinos for my Zimmermann Aran Sweater and other EZ Almanac projects, when I am not working on my lace. I want to swift and wind two hanks of Lorna's Laces, 1 hank of Socks That Rock and one more hank of Knit Picks Shadow lace yarn this weekend. I can really only ball up one or two hanks at a time. My shoulder and wrists gets tired every 500 or 600 yards. So, I split up my swifting over the whole weekend. Swatching is mindless knitting though, so I will probably do those during the AFC and NFC playoff games and the Australian Open final rounds. But the lace knitting must be done during quiet time. Very quiet time. Baby Alpaca is not fun to tink.

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