Sunday, January 14, 2007

Many Thanks Bethanie

My Secret Pal 9 has revealed herself, the most wonderful Bethanie Frank ( And she sent one more package of goodies that are really wonderful. A full 4 oz skein of Barlett's Wool in Plum Heather. A black satin bag holding the Clover Coil Knitting Needle Holders from my wish list. A Handmade Obsessions crocheted star. The sweetest little Ducky of Bath Soap Gel.
Thank you so much for everthing Beth.


bethanie said...

You are welcome! It was fun!

Anonymous said...

I did a google blog search on my store ( and I found your blog! I made that little crochet star! I hope you make something cute with it!

Bev Love said...

You do really beautiful work. I am glad my Secret Pal sent me your star.