Sunday, January 07, 2007

My WIP is Whipping My A

I finally finished all pieces of my Valley Yarns Make Tracks Cardigan sweater in Berkshire Bulky Grey Wool-Alpaca, and seamed it up. All that was left was the collar and button band. All while I was knitting the sleeves I kept saying to myself that 13 was way too many increases for the upper portion of the sleeve and wondering why they had a 21 inch sleeve, I usually find 18 inch sleeves in my cardigan patterns. But silly me, blithely knitted along with the pattern. S**t with a capital S. As soon as I stuck my arm in the right sleeve I knew my instincts had been correct, and the pattern ridiculously wrong. The sleeves were totally out of proportion with the rest of the sweater. Now I have to UNSEAM and RIP OUT both sleeves and reknit them. I don't mind the reknitting, but I truly hate the UNSEAMING. Another HINT I should have paid attention to - the model on the pattern photo is hiding the sleeves. That is alwasy a tip off, what was I thinking?!?!?!?!

I finished my Sockret Pal's first sock and cast on sock number two last night. I am still working on the Grey and Camouflage second socks. Gotta get these things off my needles, they are starting to bug me. I am enjoying my lace knitting, it's so different. It is soft and beautiful. I know they are going to take months to make, but I love watching them develop.

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