Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ten days gone already, are we on fast forward or what? Of course I am 'cause I am over the magic age line of 30 when every year becomes a blur. Since I have only been blogging since September I had not considered what a great time management tool it can be. I can plan out my year here and when things start spinning out of control - as life always does - I can click ARCHIVE. Is that cool or what? I have only one plan to put into effect, which everything else will feed off of. I give credit to the Knit Your Stash 2007 idea. I am going to Shop At Home This Year. Yep. Every time I want a new book, I am going to shop the bookshelves of unread books in my house. Every time I find a smashing new item to crochet or knit I am going to shop my stash to find the right yarn. Every time I want to see a good movie I am going to pull the storage bins out from under the bed, dust them off, and check my collection. Okay, it's 10 days into the year and I know that leaves a whopping 355 days left to Shop At Home. Can I do it? Of Course I Can. Thanks to blogs, podcasts and wikipedia I have discovered a ton of free stuff on the web. If I don't have a book I am in the mood for - I can read some free fan fiction. If there is nothing good in the movie collection - I can watch free TV and catch up on shows I miss while I am knitting and sleeping. And well, hell, with my yarn stash I will NEVER run out of yarn for crochet and knitting projects. If I get bored I can always pull out my cross stitch and trame for a change of pace. Re-read magazines, unlike a good book or movie, I hardly ever remember what I read in a magazine article more than a year ago. Who knows, I may even get time to play some of these dozens of computer games I own, or memorize all of the clues and answers in Scene It Harry Potter version. That should fill the hours upon hours I usually spend shopping in JCPenneys, Coach, KnitPicks, Herrschners, Walmart, Amazon, EBay, Etsy, Fashion Bug, Speigels, ELuxury, Nordstroms, Webs, Overstock, Barnes and Noble.

Savings - when I shop at home the amount I would be paying those folks above will go into my Vacation Savings Bank Account.

Fringe benefit, after I read those unread books and watch those movies I can list them on for sale. That money goes directly into my checking account.

After I crochet and knit that stash up, I will have lots of merchandise for the Holiday Craft Fair ( I had many requests for my scarves and wraps but I had been selfishly knitting myself socks and a sweater and had nothing to sell). All proceeds from the craft fair will be happily spent on my 2008 yarn stash and CGOA/TKGA annual Conference.

Shopping, saving, crafting, reading, playing and being entertained. Why didn't I think of this last year!!!!

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