Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who's On First

KnitPicks Options
I reached the section of my shrug where you decrease 50% of the stitches and have to go to shorter circular needles. I switched to my brand new KnitPicks Options needles. They are sharp, super smooth at the join and the cables are ultra flexible. I am really glad I bought them.

Crochet Cast
One of my favorite podcasts is Crochet Cast and I was surprised and pleased to hear my name on the show. Pretty cool. Don't be shy, if there is a podcast you like and you want to let them know and participate - go for it. You may hear your name on a cast one day.

I have been ignoring my sweater a bit, and I can't even find my project bag with the baby blanket tonight. Maybe the dog moved it. I wanted to cast on my Gray socks tonight. . . I have the weekend to get some rows done. I will definitely be able to finish this half of the shrug and the left side of the sweater by Monday. I'll cast on my socks when I complete those two to-dos.

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Carolyn said...

So, I went to the beauty salon on Thursday. One of the hairstylist is creating this hat on a circular needles. It's all new to me, but who comes to mind? Beverly. Friday, I get this email about your BLOG,I start reading. I should have known you knew. Your creations are awesome. We still guard our scarfs for dear life.THANK YOU.