Monday, September 11, 2006

My Inspiration Piece

I have been knitting for a bit over a year now and I am so proud of myself. Two of my knitting mentors left California many months ago. They left me just as I was finishing the Traveling Cable Sweater below. I don’t have a picture of my creation, my Sister has not sent me a picture of herself wearing it yet. But the pictures next to the pattern photo are shots of the back of the second one I have on my needles now.

I am so happy that when I shop for yarn, patterns and magazines that I can buy the Knit ones now too. I am a Knitter!!

I have read and heard from many of you that your significant others feel neglected when you are spending your time with your projects instead of them. I think of it as our version of “Football Widows” syndrome. With the NFL season under way, I doubt they will mind us spending time on our own thing for the next few months. My roomie, and my spoiled-brat-dog-child complain that they never see me. “You are always in your room KNITTING!!” My answer to that is, “that’s not true, I am crocheting too!!!” The dog knows as soon as he sees the books, hooks and sticks, he is not getting a belly rub any time soon. You think they would be happy that I can now make them Clothes, and Doggy Afghans.

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He is so precious.