Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Two Passions: Books and Needle Arts

My Greatest Passion Is Books
I have always loved books. I don’t just enjoy reading, I am not just entertained by clever prose. I LOVE BOOKS. I participated in the Summer Reading Programs at two different libraries each year. I held the record for buying the most books from Scholastic Books during Elementary School – and I have many of those books on my bookshelves still. I volunteered in my school libraries with my best friend DH. I love the crispness of unread pages. I love the fonts that have great size and definition. I love book accessories; I have many book lights, book covers and thousands of bookmarks. I have purchased brand new copies of books when it came time to re-read my favorites. I have given books to friends, family, charities, sell them on and I leave them in the basket in the breakroom at work. I want others to love books too. What’s my favorite gift? You guessed it – Gift Cards for any bookstore; brick and mortar, or online.

My Other Great Passion Is The Needle Arts
I Crochet, Knit, Cross Stitch and create in Plastic Canvas. I use my computer to organize, design and display my work. I listen to, what else, audiobooks while I am working. I maintain an extensive collection of books, patterns, catalogs and magazines on my Needlecrafts. I will be reviewing the volumes in my collection.

I am also caught up in the Harry Potter phenomenon.
I was pleased to discover that they were books about a child, not children’s books. They are part mystery, suspense, thriller and friendship stories. I have some definite opinions, theories, ‘ships and predictions I insist on forcing on the public. I will be discussing that topic in future entries on this blog. For now I will just say that, I predict that Great Auntie Murielle’s goblin made tiara [HBP page 623] is the same one that once belonged to Ravenclaw (sometimes seen on the Ravenclaw ghost) which is sitting in the room of requirement (for safe keeping no doubt), atop Harry’s HBP Advanced Potions Making book, a bust of an old wizard, and a dusty old wig. [HBP page 527]. After all “Gringott’s was the safest place in the world for something you wanted to keep safe/hide - except perhaps Hogwarts.” [SS pages 63 & 162].

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B Love

A home without books is like a body without a soul.

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Amy Proto said...

Hi Beverly!
It's so great to hear from you! Indy is the cutest!!
However, he looks a little spoiled...!
Take care and hope to talk soon!
Amy P