Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knitz and Glitz

I just received some goodies from Knitz and Glitz in the UK. I swear they arrived before I had a chance to drag my E-mail from Hazel into my saved folder. I so want to put pictures up and describe in detail my purchases, but alas I cannot. I bought some things for my Secret Pal 9 and my Sockret Pal. So mums the word. But go along to the Knitz and Glitz sight and check out the eye candy for yourselves. Too good to be missed, a great shopping tip from Carrie Anne of BritKnitCast - links in the sidebar.


KnitYoga said...

So glad that you liked everything! By the way, I love your custom made crochet hook! :-)

acrylik said...

Hazel has such great customer service! Glad you are pleased with my recommendation. Thanks for the link to BritKnitCast :)