Friday, September 22, 2006

Lime & Violet Laughing Out Loud

I am getting all caught up on my Lime and Violet podcasts. Laughing out loud at work, it's a good thing. Thank God it's Friday. I can't wait to get home and hug my sock yarn!! Lisa e-mailed me, and my Lime and Violet yarn for the KAL is on its way - alright!!!! But the wierdest thing is that I had chosen one of the KnitPicks Elizabeth I scarves to knit out of the L&V LSouza yarn, and in the episode I just listened to - Miss Violet just bought the same patterns from KnitPicks too.

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Eva said...

Hello, I wandered over from the Sockret blog.
I've got the L&V yarn and downloaded the podcasts, but have not yet listened to them.
I looked on their site, but couldn't find a link to the KAL. Could you help me?
I actually have 2 skeins (or rather 2 skeins worth in 1 big skein) of the yarn and am thinking about making a lace shawl out of it. Haven't found a pattern just yet though :)
Cheers Eva - who's off to read the rest on your blog