Thursday, May 29, 2008

Touchy Touchy

My birthday present this year is the iPod Touch. I bought it a little early so I can use it during recovery - no mouse ;D - pretty smart huh?!? I also bought the TV Cable Adapter so I can watch the TV Shows, Video Podcasts and Movies I download to iTunes on my "real" TV. Coolness squared!

Still loving Adamas too !!!


Anonymous said...

I bought my iTouch as the present I didn't get. I really like the web browser. Ravelry is working on an iPhone/iTouch version but it still in the early stages.

Amy Proto said...

Hi Bev,
Happy Birthday to you!!
A quick update...I left Burberry for Apple. Yeaahhh!!! I'm soooo excited, can't tell right? If you need any help with your iTouch, you know who to contact! Enjoy and have fun with it!
Sorry about about all the boo-boo's. You'll be back in blog action before you know it! Thoughts and prayers are on their way!
Take care
PS I'm at the SF--Chestnut St store...