Monday, May 12, 2008

Thank You SO MUCH!!

I want to thank you all for the well wishes. I will be glad to get my hand back to normal!!

I am in San Diego this week, so far the weather has been chilly. I cannot believe it, San Francisco has better weather than San Diego at this time of year. The Conference kicks off today. I am glad I came in a day early, this foggy drizzly weather may cause airport delays. The Hard Rock Hotel is not what I expected. The room is nothing spectacular, it is comfortable though. The turn down service was excellent. But $8.00 for a bottle of water - and I thought the $2.45 at the airport was absurd. I must get out more - I am suffering from sticker shock!! I went to Ralph's and bought a gallon of water and some soft drinks - there are no vending machines and the 10 oz soft drinks are $4.00 from the in room frig. The cab ride from the airport took me past the Cruise ship dock, so I actually got to see where we will be departing from for our cruise in October.

I am waiting for my Fedex from work, I sent myself some work. I had no room in my suitcase and did not want to bring a second bag so I Fedexed some invoices and documents I need to work on. I packed return Fedex packing inside the box. Our San Diego office is about 20 blocks from here, but right now I am not planning a visit. I may change my mind.

I brought my Leafling socks to work on. Based on the Ravelry forum discussion about sizing I am going to make the Medium sized socks instead of the Large. I had only knit the cuff so I don't have much to rip out. I had planned to rip them out several weeks ago, but waited since I chose them for the project for this trip. I love this yarn, again the colorway reminds me of County Clare. I will also probably be using this cuff stitch on some of my future pairs of plain stockinette socks. There is a slight twist to the ribbing with a very pretty result. I cannot really say much more since it is a Rockin Sock Club pattern and yarn, which are for club members only. There has also been a forum discussion on Ravelry about members breaking the club rules. I don't want to be one of those. Thousands of people paid for the privilege of getting these patterns and yarn a year before their commercial release. Members should honor that agreement, and not be selling exclusive sock club patterns and yarn on EBay!! Jusy Saying . . .

Have you seen the KnitPicks lace yarn samplers? Oh my goodness. I want all four, but so far I have fought the temptation. What a great idea, making up color palettes of the various lace weight yarns.

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