Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost Over

Whew, this is the last day of the conference. So far the sessions were the best part. The last session we got to ask for enhancements to the software and the two my firm asked for look like they are a go. Yay!! The Rumble in the Jungle Night at the San Diego Zoo was a bit disappointing - the few animals we saw were asleep or immobile. Most were missing in action in their habitats. I don't know - do they all look depressed to you when you go to a zoo? The cougars, mountain lions and sunrise bear that were awake were so lack luster and sad looking. The habitats are so small, they just do not look like they are having a good life. The food was inadequate, most people had to go out to dinner when we got back downtown. But I guess for people who have never been to the US, of CA it was an experience. For me - not so much.

I have packed all of my session materials and vendor give aways to be Fedexed home. I even managed to pre code two large invoices for one of my Coordinators. I still have some writing to do tonight, I am revising a manual.

I watched the DVDs I brought and I was able to get through the first leaf repeat on my Leafling socks. I made the cuff a full two inches instead of the 1 1/4 inch called for in the pattern. I dropped all the way down to the small size sock - 60 sts. I have knit many socks with this weight yarn and I usually only cast on 56 sts. So we'll see. I can always give them as a gift if they are too tight. I love knitting. Some times I enjoy it more than other times, this sock is really a fun knit.

I read through all of the new Ravelry Forum postings for my groups. Now I need to catch up on my podcasts. I listened to Knit Science, and Bean Knits and watched Lets Knit Together, Deadliest Catch and Lion Brands Ruffle Scarf video podcasts. I still have Knitting Uncensored and Sticks and String and a few new ones to listen to this afternoon.

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