Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Focus Focus Focus

Oh my goodness gracious. Why can't I focus? I do realize I have a birthday coming up next month that is knocking soundly on the door to 50, but geez.

I did not finish my socks.
I put the Mystic Waters Shawl away again.
I cast on Adamas, where did that come from???

Out of the blue I decided that I wanted to find a simple shawl pattern that I could possibly finish before surgery.


I love the Forest Canopy shawl and I have two more skeins of Puck's Mischief. I gave the first FC Shawl away as a gift because I want to make a larger size and I already have the yarn. Did I cast on the Forest Canopy shawl - which I know I can knit in about a week???? NOPE!

Why not????

Instead I log into Ravelry and look at all the lace group forums and pull Adamas out of my queue. Hmmm, 48 going on 5 - I have the attention span of a knat. So anyway I am on the 6th repeat of the body aka Chart 2 of the Adamas pattern. The knitting goes surprisingly well with the I Am Legend Audiobook, Netflix picks, National Treasure 2, and the Deadliest Catch marathon. Yay!!! Multi-tasking, or just more lack of focus - you be the judge. I shall add yet another shawl icon to the sidebar projects list.

Oh, and I did not take the pictures I was supposed to take either. But I did order more Addi Turbo Lace needles with my Loopy Ewe Credit, so I can have yet another lace project on the needles soon. I cannot wait to be on pain meds after my surgery so I have something to blame my lack of focus on. 8-P

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