Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ouch! Shocking!!!

Including my Daddy who served in the Army during the Korean War and my Uncle G who served in the Marine's during the Korean War and my Cousins who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces.

I am short two stitches on Clue D row 207 of my Schaefer Anne version of the Mystic Waters Shawl. Ugh!!! I have to tink back to the extra decrease I have done somewhere along the way. I completed the heel and part of the foot of one of my Shi Bui Rapids socks and I added another 10 rows to my Felice Clay socks. I will be taking some photos over the 3-Day weekend. My poor little WIP page has not been updated this month.

Oh the pain, I had my nerve conduction study yesterday and IT REALLY HURT!!! 8~{

I have carpal tunnel to the max in my right hand, and symptoms starting in the left hand. Three of my sensory nerves and three of my motor nerves are damaged. So it is confirmed - I will be having carpal tunnel surgery the same time I have the tumor removed. Oh - Joy 8-\ The test showed that the nerves in my right hand have degenerated. So I will be out of service for a few weeks. I don't plan to stay home after the first week though - day time television makes my skin crawl. I will come to work and blissfully delegate my work to others. It's good to have a great support team!! However, I cannot ask them to type entries for my blog! I will have a big long gap in blog entries after June 8th. What will I do without knitting and the computer? I just don't know. If the pain wasn't so bad and the tumor so big I would just ignore the whole thing.

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Virtuous said...

Oh you must take care of yourself the additional surgery will benefit you in the long.

I say OD on books/audiobooks/podcasts and netflix movies!! :oD

I am sure you will let us know when it is time to go on your blog break.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!