Friday, March 21, 2008

Socking Along

I completed one of the Moda Dea Sassy Socks. I love the pattern and thickness of this yarn, it is an 8 ply. The progress on the Koigu, Shi Bui and Felice is much slower going because the yarn is so fine and the needles much smaller. But I have started the legs of all three pairs. I received the first clue of the Bad Nauheim KAL and the first 2008 Lace KAL kit is being mailed to the US on Monday or Tuesday. So much yarny goodness going on. I am typing this by the way on my new laptop. I finally have a webcam, although I am scared to use it. LOL at myself. I am waiting for my Valkyrie Laci so I can cast on the Icarus shawl for the Arkansas Icarus Shawl KAL.

I have a half dozen Easter baskets to put together. We are having the fam and friends over Sunday. Some of my Cousins and my friends have littluns, so I bought a bunch of goodies for them. I am going to make a German Chocolate Cake and Mac and Cheese (yes, both from scratch - cause that's how I roll).

I received a delivery confirmation from Fedex so I know my HSKS4 pal received her Bag and Kit, I hope she's a happy little Gryffindor. The last trivia challenge for the Slytherins goes out tomorrow. The final prize is a set of stitchmarkers. The theme of the last challenge is Charms and Potions.

I sent out some rescue yarn to a Ravelry friend - I had the dye lot she needed to finish the gorgeous blanket she is making. She was two rows and a bind off from finishing her gift. I popped 10 yards in the mail to her, she only asked for 3 but I prefer to have too much than just enough, you know?!? She also has me craving the J hook, I want to start an afghan so bad!!! It is national crochet month after all!!!! Maybe I'll make a scarf tomorrow while my cake is in the oven. I have some Wollmeise Zenzi Medium that I plan to make a nice long scarf out of. Hmmm, we'll see. Trying to be faithful to the sock Goddess.

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Petra said...

I also just send some yarn to the rescue last week due to ravelry ;-)
I hope that it arrived safe and sound.