Sunday, March 30, 2008


Happy Happy Joy Joy. I got my HSKS4 swap pal package from the coolest Cassandra Hopkirk aka Nadine. She sent me not one but two bags in Slytherin Green and Silver. She made me a needle holder binder and included - DIG THIS ADDI TURBO needles. I am so excited. I love me some Addis. Okay then the real screaming began, not one but two bars of CADBURY Carmello chocolate. There are some Harry Potter goodies, stitchmarkers and row counters and lots of yarn. I will take lots of pictures and make sure I did not miss anything this weekend. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!

BTW the yarn is called Leprechaun and since I got yarn called Lucky a couple of days ago I dare say I am a very LUCKY girl.

From Nadine aka Cassandra Hopkirk

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Cliodna Trelawney said...

What a great kit.