Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I must take pictures of my Sock WIP, my new Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci yarn in the colorways Valkyrie and Haida, and my new laptop in Midnight Blue. I wish wish wish I could take pictures of the BMFA Lucky yarn that I just received in the latest Sock Club package but I don't want to be a spoiler. However, since I am no longer under any time constraints to get to 52 pairs, I will be knitting the sock pattern that came with this yarn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! This is another sock club yarn colorway that I will be buying in all weights, it is gorgeous. I am pretty sure the peach USPS "attempted delivery" card I got was for my first 2008 Year of Lace kit from Canada. I hope so, I am really looking forward to starting that shawl. I have read the word SILK all over Ravelry in regards to the first kit. I have not tried knitting with 100% silk before, I do love silk/wool blends though. So I am anxious to see this first lace kit.

OMG, the book I started reading yesterday was horrible, complete gibberish. I am now reading a book that had me hooked from the first paragraph. I am enjoying this audiobook too (see sidebar for titles), it is like listening to people play a Role Playing game. They travel the tunnels, they pick up power items and spells, they meet monsters and thieves and vanquish them. A nice diversion while I do endless month end processing, lots of processing left to do.

I feel guilty - I don't "love" the finished shawls for a couple of the KALs I signed up for. My original plan was to do the KAL, trying to keep up and watch the shawls/stoles develop along with everyone else. I fell behind, then eventually set them all aside to knit socks. Now I am seeing everyone else's knitted shawls/stoles and a couple of them are not to my liking at all. I never would have purchased the patterns if I had seen them completed and modeled. I see a frog pond in my near future. My hands are in too bad of condition to knit items I will never wear or enjoy. One of them would be okay as a gift, but the other one - nope, I don't think so. I am going to finish the other two lace knit alongs though. The shawls/stoles are beautiful and I cannot wait to get them done. I picture myself wearing them on our Panama Cruise!!! More on lace later. . . much to do in that area!!!

Last bit to do - I must see the Orthopaedic specialist about the knot growing under my thumb. My cousin just had one removed from her hand. Relatively painless, they did it with a laser. First I need to find out the nature of mine, fibroid or ganglian cyst or whatever. My appointment is April 7th, a must do.

Looks like all of the little Slytherins have lost interest in the games for the HSKS4, no one has posted answers to the last quiz. Looks like I will have some pretty Slytherin stitchmarkers to add to my collection. No grading to do Sat. More time to do knitting.

Carpe Lanum

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Or it could be a sneaky owl trying to disguise their delivery as the USPS.