Thursday, March 06, 2008

GWHS Class 77 and 78 Reunion Party

Damn I am old!!! Saturday August 16, 2008 at the Kubuki (previously the Miyako Hotel) in Japan Town there will be a GWHS 31/30 Year Class Reunion. Wow! I know a few people that will be there for sure - GiGi, Bonnie, Jenny, Baron, David, Denise, they never miss one. I better forward the e-mail to Carin and Bernie and make sure they know about it. Oh Washington to thee I pledge my faith and all my loyalty. Hail Washington Hail. (I was a letter girl ;} )

I am almost finished with the Gryffindor bag. I am working on the flap. I then need to add a strap and put in a lining. I definitely have time to add a few pockets. I love pockets myself, so I will stitch a few onto the lining and maybe one on the outside. I was thinking about a velcro dot for the closure of the flap but then I remembered the dragon buttons I have. I will use one of those instead. I will definitely be able to box this package up this weekend and get it in the mail. I have to take pictures though. I have had some non-posting downstream swap pals in the past, so I will be posting my own photo of my package. Voila the HSKS4 is almost done. This week is the Magical Objects Trivia Challenge for my Slytherin Housemates, the prize is a set of Knit Picks Harmony DPNs.

Then it's socks until April 1st. I replaced the bed sock pattern in my repertoire with some really cute baby socks.

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