Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I think I am going to focus on my Gryffindor bag now. I have all of my kit goodies already. I went a little crazy, but in my own defense, I thought I should include everything I have needed while knitting. Needles, stitchmarkers, point protectors, row counter, measuring tape, notebook, pattern, yarn, needle sizer, crochet hook and case (the case was on my swap pal's wishlist), wool soak, hand cream, candy, knitting/crochet yarn guidelines, knitting book, yarn/darning needle, scissors, and safety pins. So all I need to do is finish the bag and get it all off in the mail. The bag is my EE KCAL project which needs to be done by March 15th. That will be perfect timing. I have 16 mosaic pattern rows to complete then it's all stockinette from there. I have to make the strap and sew in the lining to finish it off. If I have any time left at all (doubtful) I want to put a few pockets in and on it.

I am working on the bed sock. Okay, the plan was to make smaller socks so I can finish off the 52 PP. But I just don't like this pattern. I think it is way too small and it looks kinda funny. I will finish this pair, and definitely give them away. But I have to come up with something else to reach my sock goal. I will cast on the baby sock tonight and see how that goes. I need to hit the Ravelry pattern directory and see if there are some quick and easy socks patterns, I must find a replacement for this bed sock.

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Virtuous said...

I think you will be the only one done with your KCAL project on time!! ;op Haha!

Nice progress Gurl!!