Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

I had a wonderful knitting weekend, I hope you did too!!
I'm a Loopy Groupie, I have arrived. I have made it into the Loopy Groupie club with a little Lorna’s Laces and Cherry Tree Hill purchase. Woohoo!! I was welcomed with chocolate, a skein of Jigsaw yarn and a medium sized Loopy Ewe project bag. Thanks Sheri. Perfect timing too, Dharmafey is starting a Jigsaw KAL, nothing is formalized yet but she mentioned starting a Jigsaw Sock Yarn KAL on the her last Podcast. I have the yarn, now I need to get a copy of the pattern she mentioned and I will be set.

My BMFA STR Rockin Sock Club shipment came Friday. They finally hit me, I love this colorway it is so HOT. They are perfect hot summertime colors!!! Not sure what pattern I will knit, but this skein is going to be wound tomorrow and on the needles real soon!!

I am finally getting to my Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket, or BSJ as she is known as in the blogosphere. I found some really luscious Aran yarn in my collection. Patons 100% Merino Pure New Wool in Aran and Natural. I am doing a striped BSJ. I even have a recipient, my cousin is fostering a newborn baby girl who we have nicknamed Janie 3. I cannot wait to surprise her with it. I am going to run it through a nice bath of Lavender Eucalan and put it on the blocking board when I finish. Very easy knit, although it kept me away from my socks this weekend.

I planned ahead though, Friday I did a Harry Potter DVD marathon. One movie per sock pattern. I managed to get my heel turned and gusset picked up on my second KP Self Striping sock during The Sorcerer’s Stone. I completed five and half pattern repeats on my Regia Silk Denim Monkey sock before I started nodding off and had to give up during The Chamber of Secrets, Hermione had just been found petrified. It was a good plan, foiled by sleep.

We are having our June Birthday Celebration today. Mom (6/25), Julie (6/4) and I (6/18). Guess what they are getting, yep socks. Mom is getting the Monkey socks in White Regia Silk and Julie is getting the Knit Picks Memories Socks in Redwood and Spring Prairie.
Complete with Hand Made by me and Care Instruction tags. And from Knitz & Glitz the beautiful handmade with love heart charms.


Virtuous said...

Did you sign up for Loopy Ewe online?? I may have to consider being a groupie too! :o)

I know what you mean about knit marathons! :o) I do all mine during SATC!! I am getting ready to by all the seasons on Golden Girls I will be sooo dangerous when that happens! LOL

The socks look great!!

Happy June Babies!! :oD

Adrienne said...

i can't wait to see your jacket!!!! i hope to have the yarn for mine SOON!!!

Bev Love said...

Hi Virtuous,
The Loopy Groupie's kicks in after a certain purchase amount. I think it's $200. Golden Girls, funny, I have different movies for different patterns. Some of them I have watched so many times I can do lace, others I want to see what's happening so I knit garter stitch or stockinette while I watch. But the best company to me is podcasts or audioboks.