Saturday, June 02, 2007

Even Dozen for the Plunge

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Knit Picks Memories
Cape Cod
440 yards

Last skein of Memories yarn. My least favorite colorway as well. Really dark and kind of drab. It is also thicker than the other skeins. For some reason the Knit Picks yarns dyed in dark colors are denser than their yarns in bright or light colors.

A little problem with my Socks that Rock 24 Karat sock. My BIL came to shampoo the carpets, I was doing laundry, watching golf and tennis and somehow I dropped a stitch about 5 rows from where I am now. Imagine ?!? :D So I need to get that back on the needles before I turn this heel. I was going to start my Crochet Projects June 1st, but decided to go ahead and finish up these two STR socks since I probably won't get back to them for awhile.

Back to work on Monday and there is already some drama going on. I just checked e-mail and there are some issues that will be waiting at the door Monday. Lovely. I don't feel like doing the analysis reports I had my 2nd in command e-mail me, but now that I know what's waiting it is imperative to get these handled in the comfort of my home office listening to some audiobooks and watching golf. Much better work environment.

Small Rant: I allowed someone to use my office while I was out so I could hire a temp to help out. This way there was no scrambling to find a place for the temp to sit. Okay I am sure I have a bit of the "Monk" cooties phobia or OCD, but when I first return from vacations, it takes me a bit of time to feel comfortable in my office again. It's like I have to reacclimate myself to my space. I dust, wipe down the phone and keyboard, stuff like that. Weird ?!? Maybe a little.


Adrienne said...

Look at you rock it!!!!!

Miriam Quinn said...

I love your work!!! And your leg forms are super cool. How did you find those? Thanks for emailing about the two circs. I can see how knitting two at a time makes the project even more alluring.

Bev Love said...

Oh my gosh, two of my all time favorite podcasters had posted comments to this posting. I am floored. Thank you so much.

The foot forms are from eBay seller Displayfashion.